Halter top recon


So I posted before about entering The Fabric Floozie's Recon-a-Thon....and here I am extremely last minute, entering a recon. February turned out to be a pretty busy month and I got behind on craftiness. This afternoon, I grabbed this scarf from my scarf collection. It was a favorite when I purchased it months ago, but it really washed me out and was a little bulkier than I cared for.  It's been hanging unloved for too long, so the Recon-a-Thon was the perfect opportunity for it to be … [Read more...]

I double-dog dare you!

capri after

I think at one point or another all of us has had a piece of clothing lying around that we couldn't bear to toss, but really didn't have a use for anymore, either.  We glance at it from the corner of our eye, feel a pang of guilt and then just go on with our day.  From a dusty closet shelf, it cries out to us to take it down, wear it, love it. And who hasn't passed a skirt in a thrift store or garage sale and thought to themselves, "Hmm...I love that fabric but that skirt would never look … [Read more...]