Dear Parents of Little Ones, It Doesn’t Get Easier


I'd pace in circles for hours on end trying desperately to sooth my colicky baby, and I'd comfort myself, too, by telling myself that this time would pass quickly. I'd tell myself that in just a few years, she'd be independent and happy. That the hard part of parenting would be over. As I'd change blown-out diapers at 2am with eyes barely cracked open, I'd tell myself that this exhausting phase of parenting would end before I knew it and life would be smooth sailing. When my toddlers would … [Read more...]

DIY Minecraft Creeper Pop-Up Puppet Tutorial


After several years of the kids playing Minecraft, the love for Creepers is still strong in our house. When I was browsing through some vintage craft books, I saw a pop-up puppet tutorial and instantly thought, "Hey, the kids would love it if these were Minecraft-themed!" I decided to try my hand at it. If people end up loving and using this tutorial, I think I might add an Enderman, a Zombie, a Skeleton, and maybe Steve. Want to see how it's made? Let's get to … [Read more...]

WordPress For Kids

This past weekend inspired me to make a post after another long period of silence, so I'm back for a moment to share my thoughts on a class I had the pleasure of teaching at WordCamp Phoenix. I've mentioned WordCamp briefly before, but I don't know that I've truly explained what they are, so here is an excerpt from the WordCamp site to give you an idea on what the heck I'm talking about. So what is a WordCamp? WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related … [Read more...]

Painting birdhouses


I've been trying to think of activities to keep the kiddos busy and away from each other's throats while Alex is home on his spring break.  So I set them loose with some birdhouses and paints this afternoon and they really enjoyed it!  Well, Alex did.   See, Elliott cannot handle messy hands.  Hates messy hands.  As you will see, that is really an issue when paints come into play! Everything started out okay.  She chose white paint and set to work. Alex opted for a beautiful shade of … [Read more...]

Hard mommy days call for….

A big ol' dose of In the Motherhood. These girls have me laughing so hard with every new episode that I just almost wake up those kids I worked so hard to get to sleep. It feels so good to watch them and be able to know that life as a mom is something we can step back from, take a long look at and then just laugh our asses off! If you keep up with them, then you probably have already seen the newest episode. If you don't....grab a glass of wine--orr a jug of milk and a package of … [Read more...]