Raffle for the Cure *WINNERS CHOSEN*


The winners have been drawn!  Here's Elliott pulling them from the bowl! http://www.flickr.com/photos/thegreenwife/4625676180/ Those of you whose names were drawn, send me your address and I'll ship them to you. To everyone who donated, thank you so much for your generosity! Every bit was so appreciated! Today, I'm posting a slightly different kind of contest that I think you'll love for several reasons: A) It's in our female blood to want to save the boobies. We like 'em. … [Read more...]

Drawstring Bag Tutorial


A couple of weeks ago, I posted my heating pad tutorial and at the end, I mentioned that I would like to put together a drawstring bag for attractive gift-giving as well as storage. So...here's the tutorial. Cut a pattern (here's that gridded paper I love so much...in a peppermint stripe) that is a 11.25" x 7.5" rectangle. Pin it to your fabric with one of the short ends on the fold. Cut your fabric, open up the rectangle (should be 22.5" x 7.5") and finish your … [Read more...]

Heating Pad Tutorial


So this is a project that's been in the back of my mind for months, but it took finding the perfect fabric to get motivated and get going on it.  When I laid my eyes on Amy Butler's LOVE flannels, I knew it was time.  I chose this vibrant, yet soothing flannel and got busy. See, there's a particular day each month *ahem* that makes me yearn for a good, heavy heating pad, but by the time my body reminds me that I want it....well, I'm just too crabby to sew. ;)  This month, though, I'm … [Read more...]