It’s coming right along!

Owls, owls and more owls!  Elliott’s owl-themed birthday party is coming right along.  I’ve been working hard to do as much party preparation using my current fabric and craft stash as possible in an effort to stay green and practical.  It’s been a lot of fun, so since I already shared the party favor tutorial with you, I thought I’d show you what else I’ve come up with.

First, the goody bags.  Now, I did have to buy the bags and an owl stamp, so this craft wasn’t as conservative as I’d hoped to be.  I’m extremely pleased with the end result, though!

I was a little concerned with how I could make the room feel full and owl-like when there aren’t mass-produced owl party goods readily available….so….out came the felt.  Again.

I thought these little hoots could keep a watchful eye over what will be our cake table.  I’m pretty sure they’ll need to find a permanent home because they’re too cute to store away….if I do say so myself.

(The fabric you see serving as a runner is left from this halter top I made months ago and just happens to exactly match the plates and napkins, thanks to Hobby Lobby and their lovely coordinating goodies.  We’re going un-green there and using paper goods.  I’m sorry, Mother Earth. )

Then, using some ribbon, felt and chipboard letters from my stash, I created a banner to hang over the fireplace.  I left it un-owly so that it may be reused for another party.

(I promise that I do have pictures of Elliott displayed in the house.  I just haven’t replaced those mantle pics in….years.  Over 3 years, anyway. ;) )



the birthday girl will be sporting this way-too-cute shirt appliqued by my dear friend Carol fixed up for her.  If you ever need anything embroidered or appliqued, contact her.  She a new, but already very dear friend of mine with a huge heart and gentle spirit.  On top of that, she can knock a project out in about 4 seconds flat for procrastinators like myself.  Thank you, Carol!!

Next up….the cake.  I’ll get back to you on that.

Owl Party Favors: A tutorial and a giveaway (Winner added!)

Elliott’s third birthday is quickly approaching and for her party, she has requested an owl theme.  After scouring the internet and local party supply stores, I came up empty handed.  It seems that owls just haven’t made it into the world of mass-produces party goods.  What does that mean for this mom?  It means I’ve got to get my booty in gear and rack every crafty brain cell I have to pull this party off in style!

Party favors were my immediate concern because I knew there would be a good number of them to make.  Time to get busy!  I didn’t want to spend a fortune, so I went through my mental inventory of craft supplies I already have on hand and came up with felt.  I can do felt!  Since we will have both boys and girls attending her party, I wanted to do something for each gender.  So…the girls will be getting owl hair clips and the boys will be getting owl finger puppets!  Sounds great, but….where to begin??  I couldn’t find a template online, so with the guidance of my friend The Fabric Floozie, I created my own and will share it with you guys along with the step-by-step process of putting these owls together. (For more owl party ideas, look here.)

First, download and print the template here.

Second, gather your supplies:

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue or fabric glue
  • Needle
  • Embroidery thread
  • Alligator hair clip
  • 3/8″ ribbon

Then, cut your owl pieces out of felt in your desired colors.  I’m doing quite a few, so I put all my pieces in little piles.

I began by tacking each of the pieces onto the body with a dab of glue.  I used just a dab of hot glue, but any fabric-friendly glue will do the trick.  I did this because I’m fumble-fingers and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold the tiny pieces in place long enough to stitch them on.

First, the wings.

Then the eye piece.

The little beak…

And some eyeballs.

The owls looked a bit untidy after I pieced them together, so I used some very pointy, very sharp scissors to trim and neaten up the edges.

Once you get your little guy just how you want it, get your embroidery thread and split it into 2 3-strand sections.

Start stitching around the edges of the wings and eye piece.

When you’re done sewing, your little owl should look something like this:

For the girl guests,  I lined an alligator clip with coordinating ribbon and attached the owl with hot glue.  For more details on this, check out my trusty hair clip tutorial.

I fixed the owl lengthwise rather and across the clip so that no matter which side a little girl’s hair is parted on, the owl will be upright.

I’d wear it. ;)

Now, obviously the boys aren’t going to be into hair clips, so I took the two felt finger puppet pieces (see template) and stitched them together.  Then I attached a prepared owl with….you guessed it!  Hot glue.

I think he needs some little orange feet.  When I go to the store next, I’ll grab some orange embroidery floss and stitch some on.

Note:  Please use caution in giving this to small children as they could potentially become a choking hazard.  Be safe, be fun!

GIVEAWAY!  I made an extra hair clip and an extra finger puppet and I want to give them as a set to one of my readers.

To enter:  Leave a comment (only one, please!) telling me what themes you’ve done for children’s parties.  I love hearing how creative moms can be!  Enter by 5pm tomorrow (Saturday, January 2, 2010) to be eligible to win!

The winner is comment #11.  Congratulations, Amy!  Please contact me within 7 days to claim your prize.

Fun With Felt! *WINNER*

Soon after I posted my felt board tutorial last week, I received the most lovely package from Karen at  At FunFelt, they have an amazing selection of felt boards, felt books and felt shapes that are wonderful for storytelling, home education, keeping chore charts, etc.

The package that we received included two wonderful sets of felt stories.

Alex’s set was Aesop’s Fables.  It came precut, assembled and included an audio CD as well as a booklet so the child or parent can read the stories aloud as the felt scenes are used.  We instantly fell in love!


The book is bound with 3 rings and with each turn of the page, you discover lovely new scenes that serve as backdrops for several stories each.


Just look at the lovely detail and adorable creatures!


Opposite each scene, you’ll find a pocket that includes the felt cutouts of people, animals and objects that help tell the fables.



Don’t you just love all the detail?  Wow!


Elliott received a slightly different type of felt book and the Itsy Bitsy Spider collection.  It came in a tidy little zip pouch with a pocket to hold the felt pieces and a booklet with a couple of spider stories to tell in addition to the classic Itsy Bitsy that we all know and love.



The little creatures are friendly and appealing and the book can stand up or be flat in a lap for long car rides and such.



I look very forward to more peaceful road trips with these in tow.  Elliott has just never been a good car ride kind of kid, so peace in the car is priceless to us!

The kids even took their felt sets with them to enjoy in the leaf piles this weekend!  It made for such a lovely afternoon.



Now…this is where you come in!

The very gracious Karen at has given me the privilege of giving one of my magnificent readers a $25 gift certificate to use for their own felt goodies.  Talk ab0ut a great way to get a wonderfully unique Christmas present!

To enter, post a comment telling about your Christmas shopping.  Are you already done?  Are you a Black Friday die-hard?  What are you getting for your family?  Are you a Christmas Eve shop-in-a-panic thrill seeker?  Let me hear it!  One comment only, please!  Winner will be chosen Wednesday, November 11 at 12pm central time.

Sorry for the delay!  The winner is comment #14.  Congratulations, Jasmine!


Jasmine, please email me through my contact page and we’ll get your gift certificate information to you!

Thank you, everyone, for participating in the contest!  You guys are the best!