I Say Goodbye, You Say Hello…to a discount code!


I've mentioned my friend Joy several times lately and today, I'm sad to tell you guys that she's leaving me. She's moving hours away from me....and she's taking her fabric with her. THE fabric. My I-need-a-quick-fix-of-awesome-fabric-right-now source is packing up and headed to San Antonio. Do you hear my sniffles? Do you hear my heart breaking? Do you feel my pain?? Joy sells Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabric, you see. This is Joy.  This is Joy in her roomful of gorgeousness.  … [Read more...]

Padded iPad Sleeve Tutorial


When we were at the Apple store buying my iPad, they had a decent selection of protective cases available, but if you guys know me by now, you know that I had to at least try to make my own before I gave in and bought one.  I quickly went through Plan A and Plan B before I was successful.  So, with you I share my Plan C. It's a very simple, quick project to put together. It's not so much a case as it is a sleeve. It fits so snugly that there is no need for any type of closure.  Your … [Read more...]

Treat yourself….Amy Butler Style (WINNER)


I've never met a crafter that doesn't just love Amy Butler fabrics, have you?  They're gorgeous!  She never fails to have massive appeal when she releases a new collection and I find her prints very hard to resist.  Imagine my extreme pleasure when, through word of mouth, I discovered that there is a wonderful lady very near me who is an Amy Butler (and Heather Bailey!) retailer!  Amy Butler that I can lay my hands on, not pay shipping for and go pick up immediately?!  I'm in.  I'm all about the … [Read more...]

Making Things A Little Easier For You


With spring coming up, I've started whipping up some more halter tops for Elliott.  Since it has been months since I'd made one, I was referring to my own tutorial to refresh my memory.  I found myself running back and forth from my sewing machine to my computer and realized that you guys have probably been doing the same thing when following my tutorials.  So, I decided to add a button that allows you to print any of my posts (especially tutorials and recipes!) in PDF form. At the bottom of … [Read more...]

Halter top recon


So I posted before about entering The Fabric Floozie's Recon-a-Thon....and here I am extremely last minute, entering a recon. February turned out to be a pretty busy month and I got behind on craftiness. This afternoon, I grabbed this scarf from my scarf collection. It was a favorite when I purchased it months ago, but it really washed me out and was a little bulkier than I cared for.  It's been hanging unloved for too long, so the Recon-a-Thon was the perfect opportunity for it to be … [Read more...]