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Homeschool Wish List Ideas

They’re out there. The school supplies. The sales. The back-to-school frenzy that excites and/or overwhelms every parent. For me, it’s 99% excitement. I have mad, mad love for school supplies of all kinds. When stores start stocking their back-to-school section, I become flat-out giddy. It started with kindergarten 30-something years ago and that love has […]


News on Release of Minecraft for Xbox One!

Oh my goodness. We got the Xbox One for Christmas last year and from that day forward, my kids have been stalking IGN, Twitter, all kinds of forums, an the sweet guys at our favorite GameStop location for any hint at a release date for Minecraft. It’s been a long wait and finally there is […]

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Homeschool Art Lesson

A week or two ago, my sweet neighbor Michelle told me she would like to do an art project with my kids.  See, her mom is a 4th grade teacher and recently taught her … [Read More...]