Padded iPad Sleeve Tutorial


(Note: This tutorial was created for the first generation iPad, but can be adapted for all generations.) When we were at the Apple store buying my iPad, they had a decent selection of protective cases available, but if you guys know me by now, you know that I had to at least try to make my own before I gave in and bought one.  I quickly went through Plan A and Plan B before I was successful.  So, with you I share my Plan C. It's a very simple, quick project to put together. It's not so … [Read more...]

Heating Pad Tutorial


So this is a project that's been in the back of my mind for months, but it took finding the perfect fabric to get motivated and get going on it.  When I laid my eyes on Amy Butler's LOVE flannels, I knew it was time.  I chose this vibrant, yet soothing flannel and got busy. See, there's a particular day each month *ahem* that makes me yearn for a good, heavy heating pad, but by the time my body reminds me that I want it....well, I'm just too crabby to sew. ;)  This month, though, I'm … [Read more...]

Light Switch Extension Tutorial


This tutorial is for you mommies out there with a super-independent little one on your hands.  A little one that insists on doing everything by him- or herself, but just doesn't realize the limitations that their age and size might bring.  Limitations such as not being able to reach the bathroom light switch during their mad dash to the potty while they're saying to you, "No, Mommy!  I don't need help!  I can do it all myself!" Because Elliott is the epitome of Little Miss Independence, I had … [Read more...]

Owl Party Favors: hair clip and finger puppet tutorial


Elliott's third birthday is quickly approaching and for her party, she has requested an owl theme.  After scouring the internet and local party supply stores, I came up empty handed.  It seems that owls just haven't made it into the world of mass-produces party goods.  What does that mean for this mom?  It means I've got to get my booty in gear and rack every crafty brain cell I have to pull this party off in style! Party favors were my immediate concern because I knew there would be a good … [Read more...]

Green Kid Craft For The Holidays– Reindeer Food Shakers


I'm sure most of you with children have had Reindeer Food come home from school or daycare just before Christmas.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Reindeer Food, it's a magical mixture of dry oatmeal and other special goodies that lure Rudolph and the gang to land at your house Christmas night.  The kiddos take it outside, sprinkle it in the yard and spend the rest of Christmas Eve evening anxiously awaiting the Big Guy's arrival. This year, I happened to have some empty spice … [Read more...]