Adventures in Milk Paint….Part2


Welcome back! It's time for the second installment of Adventures in Milk Paint and I gotta tell ya...this one is full of success and ends in an opportunity to win supplies for a milk paint project of your own. That's right!  A giveway full of goodness. Aw yeah. Let's see. Where shall we start? First, if you haven't already, skim through Part 1 and get caught up. So, we left off with my dresser stripped of its first milk paint makeover and waiting patiently for another … [Read more...]

Adventures in Milk Paint….Part 1


Let me tell you the little story of my adventure, success and failure in my first experience with milk paint. So, I'd been itching to make over an old dresser I've had for about 10 years and I really, really wanted to get that gorgeous antiqued look that milk paint gives to furniture.  Who can resist that charming, comfortable look, right?  Plus, milk paint is non-toxic and super green.   Bonus! I researched and shopped around online for a bit before deciding which approach I wanted to … [Read more...]

DIY Minecraft shoes

minecraft creeper shoes diy 3

This past weekend, we took Alex to the Vans store to pick out a new pair of shoes.  He originally chose a brightly colored pair and just when we thought we were done, the Vans employee that was helping get Alex fitted said, "You know, a lot of people like to buy the plain white slip-ons and use fabric markers to create their own design." Alex's eyes got huge and bright.  He was sold on the idea!  So we bought a white pair of shoes and headed home with only a vague idea of how we would paint … [Read more...]

Japanese Fried Quinoa — Tastes Just Like Fried Rice


Hi there! Long time, no post. Just wanted to hop on here long enough to share a yummy recipe that my family loves.  It's basically Japanese fried rice--minus the rice.  In our efforts to eat a little healthier these days, I've been using quinoa in anything I can and this recipe is no exception.  It's nothing groundbreaking, but definitely an easy, yummy meal that suits just about anyone. We (especially my son and I) love the fried rice at our local Hibachi grill.  This comes so close to … [Read more...]

Dreamy Photos of Elliott


Since big brother is camera-shy again these days, Elliott has had to be such a trooper while I snap photo after photo of her. I made her this dress a month or two ago with the intention of doing kind of a dreamy-feeling little photo session with her.  It's been hanging in her closet ever since.  Until today. The dress is simply a variation of my halter top tutorial.  I used leftover quilt squares from when I made her rag quilt and pieced together the skirt.  Then I added folded layers of … [Read more...]