Nanny’s Brown Sugar Cookies


Meet Nanny and Daddoo, my great-grandparents. Daddoo had a mind like a steel trap, could tell stories like you wouldn't believe, and was always up for a good laugh. Nanny had a soft, gentle voice and skin like velvet. She always smelled like dusting powder and hugged like nobody's business. (Man, I wish that photo weren't so damaged.) I have a cookbook with a few of her recipes in it. It's one of those small town, fundraising cookbooks. If you know them, you love … [Read more...]

Advice for New and Wannabe Knitters


Whether you're a wannabe knitter or you've already started dabbling with basic knit and purl stitches, I wanted to share a few things I've learned through experience....for what that's worth. Keep in mind I'm not a fast knitter and I make plenty of mistakes. Just wanted to put this out there because so many people I talk to express interest in knitting but are either afraid to try it or have just begun and are wanting experiencing beginner's frustration. So. For those who haven't started … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case Made from an Old Book


  I was a terrible knitter in the beginning. Slow and scared. Terrified to make a mistake or take on a project that was anything past garter stitch. Several years later, I've lost my fear. I'll take on lace, colorwork, socks, you name it. Fear no longer keeps me from tackling a project. Because I've actually reached the point where I can both correct mistakes as I go and finish most projects in a reasonable amount of time, I feel alright about splurging on luxurious and quite … [Read more...]

Holiday Knitting


Tomorrow is the first day of July. The first day of the second half of the year. Tick tock. It's time to start planning and working on handmade holiday gifts already. I'm so great at planning ahead and getting everything made way, way ahead of time! No. Not really. I'm a last minute gal no matter how early I start. But. But. If I do one here and there, it's got to help relieve stress six months from now, right? Let's do it. Together. Let's get started. Okay? This … [Read more...]