Jamberry Nail Wrap Party!

I’ve never tried Jamberry Nail wraps. I’ve used the drugstore version, but they have limited designs and really damaged my nails. Disappointing!

Recently, an old friend from high school became a Jamberry consultant so I decided to try some wraps! I ordered these three for me:


And I got a sheet of Jamberry Juniors for my girls to share (there are a lot on one sheet!):


I’m very eager for them to arrive, because lately I’ve enjoyed keeping my nails pretty and painted but absolutely despise waiting for polish to dry. Who has that kind of time and patience? Sheesh! I like being a low-maintenance kind of girl and these help. No drying time and nails that stay in great shape for weeks at a time!

All that said, I wanted to tell you that I’m hosting an online party that ends Sept 27, 2014. I would just love it if you ordered and I know you’d love it, too.

I’m already shopping for my next order. I mean, they’re buy 3 sheets, get 1 sheet free so I can easily justify getting 4 sheets! Love that.

I’m thinking about these:


And/or maybe these for the girls:


I could get carried away, but I don’t worry about that too much because with these lasting as long as they do, they save me time and money spent on polishes and manicures! They store well, too, so you can’t really go wrong with getting a pretty good stash going at home.

So, if you’re interested in buying, check out all the pretty designs and colors here.

If you have any questions, Marcy is the consultant who can help you out!

Thanks for taking a look. Enjoy your pretty nails!

Grumpy Woman

I saw the original image on Pinterest and just added the text. I would love to know who she is and what the story is because, MAN, have I laughed. So awesome.grumpy_no

Soft Foods to Eat After Dental Surgery & Tooth Extraction


We have probably all experienced at some point the need to eat soft food for days (or even weeks) after some type of procedure. Of course, we’re always told to eat Jell-O™, ice cream, milkshakes (without the straw!), broth, etc.


Especially boring if you’re not really an ice cream person!

I’ve been going through a series of dental procedures for awhile. Extraction, fillings, root canals, bone grafts, implants, and on and on. I’ve still got quite a few oh-so-fun visits like these ahead of me and I am so, so, so over trying to find satisfying soft foods.

If I were 10 years old or maybe a toddler, I might be thrilled about the ice cream diet, but…multiply that age times…well…some, and I really would like to have something real to eat! I’d like to avoid feeling like a toddler at every mealtime. And sometimes–believe it or not–I want something that’s not sweet.


If you are having a tooth pulled, a root canal, a cavity filled, or a dental bone graft (ugh!), I put together a list of soft, kinda grownup foods that I enjoy (or plan to enjoy when it’s mushy-food time again) and I hope you can, too.




I’d recommend pinning or bookmarking this one for your next dental visit!

Yoga for Sciatica

Sciatica. It hurts, but mostly it’s an inconvenience, right? I need to be doing XYZ, but instead I’m gulping down ibuprofen and trying ice, heat, whatever only to get zero relief. So frustrating!


Ten years ago when I herniated a disc in my lower back, the doc told me that at some point I would probably experience sciatica. I’m so fortunate that it waited a decade to get me to the point of…of…this:


It went on for several days this week without letting up one bit no matter what I did.


Yoga! When I used to do 1-2 hours of yoga a day, all of my various back pains vanished. Magic. Why did I not think about this sooner?!


Duh! I’ve done this video a dozen times before!


Within minutes of starting this video, I was getting some relief. By the time I was in savasana, the pain was gone. GONE. No meds, no ice, no heat, no pouting needed. Problem solved!

So if you deal with that miserable, radiating, down-the-whole-freaking-leg pain, do this (as long as you have the go ahead from your doc, of course). You’ll be blown away by the near-instant relief.

Also, if you haven’t heard of DoYogaWithMe, take some time to check out the site. It’s completely free and they have loads of excellent, full-length videos. Their instructors aren’t annoying like so many videos available for purchase. They know their stuff and I find them very soothing and knowledgable.

If you find yourself using their videos regularly, it’s a great idea to donate. Since their videos are free, they depend heavily on a little help from users. Just a small donation helps!

I hope some of you benefit from this video like I did!