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I saw the original image on Pinterest and just added the text. I would love to know who she is and what the story is because, MAN, have I laughed. So awesome.grumpy_no

Soft Foods to Eat After Dental Surgery & Tooth Extraction


We have probably all experienced at some point the need to eat soft food for days (or even weeks) after some type of procedure. Of course, we’re always told to eat Jell-O™, ice cream, milkshakes (without the straw!), broth, etc.


Especially boring if you’re not really an ice cream person!

I’ve been going through a series of dental procedures for awhile. Extraction, fillings, root canals, bone grafts, implants, and on and on. I’ve still got quite a few oh-so-fun visits like these ahead of me and I am so, so, so over trying to find satisfying soft foods.

If I were 10 years old or maybe a toddler, I might be thrilled about the ice cream diet, but…multiply that age times…well…some, and I really would like to have something real to eat! I’d like to avoid feeling like a toddler at every mealtime. And sometimes–believe it or not–I want something that’s not sweet.


If you are having a tooth pulled, a root canal, a cavity filled, or a dental bone graft (ugh!), I put together a list of soft, kinda grownup foods that I enjoy (or plan to enjoy when it’s mushy-food time again) and I hope you can, too.




I’d recommend pinning or bookmarking this one for your next dental visit!

Yoga for Sciatica

Sciatica. It hurts, but mostly it’s an inconvenience, right? I need to be doing XYZ, but instead I’m gulping down ibuprofen and trying ice, heat, whatever only to get zero relief. So frustrating!


Ten years ago when I herniated a disc in my lower back, the doc told me that at some point I would probably experience sciatica. I’m so fortunate that it waited a decade to get me to the point of…of…this:


It went on for several days this week without letting up one bit no matter what I did.


Yoga! When I used to do 1-2 hours of yoga a day, all of my various back pains vanished. Magic. Why did I not think about this sooner?!


Duh! I’ve done this video a dozen times before!


Within minutes of starting this video, I was getting some relief. By the time I was in savasana, the pain was gone. GONE. No meds, no ice, no heat, no pouting needed. Problem solved!

So if you deal with that miserable, radiating, down-the-whole-freaking-leg pain, do this (as long as you have the go ahead from your doc, of course). You’ll be blown away by the near-instant relief.

Also, if you haven’t heard of DoYogaWithMe, take some time to check out the site. It’s completely free and they have loads of excellent, full-length videos. Their instructors aren’t annoying like so many videos available for purchase. They know their stuff and I find them very soothing and knowledgable.

If you find yourself using their videos regularly, it’s a great idea to donate. Since their videos are free, they depend heavily on a little help from users. Just a small donation helps!

I hope some of you benefit from this video like I did!

Winner! Celebration Giveaway from Sunrise Fiber Co.!



The winner has been chosen: Monica C., you are the winner! Congratulations! I hope you adore your Sunrise yarn as much as I do. Enjoy! (And keep an eye on your inbox.)

If you didn’t win and didn’t use the discount code, you can still get 10% off if you sign up for the Sunrise Fiber Co. newsletter! Go to the site and enter your email in the newsletter signup on the left side. 
I’m ready to celebrate the completion of TGW’s new look and what better way to do it than with a giveaway of one of my very favorite things?! Yarn! And not just any yarn…


That’s right. Gorgeous, luxurious, beautifully hand dyed yarn from Sunrise Fiber Co!

Wren has been a joy to work with in putting this together and her personality is sunny and sweet, so I feel like her shop couldn’t be more perfectly named. She seriously creates some of the brightest, happiest colorways I’ve ever seen. I travel a bit and make a point of hitting every LYS across the country that I possibly can. While that feeds my yarn addiction nicely, I’ve never come across any colors quite like Sunrise colors.

Check out this Worsted Superwash in the Funfetti colorway.


So many happy colors in there!

And this Vintage DK in Holi Festival?


Wowza, right?

Or how about the vivid colors in this Vintage DK in the Lovebird colorway?



I was gifted a skein of her Classic Sock in Blue Hawaiin. So soft and squishy!


Can’t wait to turn that into some beautiful socks. YUM.

“Okay, Abbie, we get it. Her yarn is super duper gorgeous. Shut up and tell us how to win some! Gosh!”

It’s quick and easy! Take a look at the Sunrise Fiber Co. Etsy shop, decide which type of yarn/colorway (a single skein!) you’d like to win (only type not available for the giveaway is the Mega Twist MCN Sock), and tell us about it in a comment on this blog post. Use Rafflecopter below to make sure your entry gets counted and to get the chance for a couple more entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In addition to sponsoring this lovely yarn giveaway, Wren has been so kind as to offer you guys a coupon code that is valid through Thursday 7/3/14. Use the code GREENWIFE to get 10% off of your order. Perfect time to stock up for that holiday knitting that you know you’re going to get started on early, right? RIGHT? Yep. Me, too! ;)

So…what are you waiting for?! Hop to it! Shop around. And….good luck!

To be clear: The winner gets one skein of yarn in the base and colorway of their choice (excludes Mega Twist MCN Sock).