Shoo Rayner — A Great Homeschool Art Teacher


Shoo Rayner has no idea who I am. This is not a promotional post. I'm just sharing one way we do homeschool art lessons for free. Mr. Rayner, if you happen upon this post, well....hello and thank you for your wonderful videos! When I give my kids free-school time, they have the opportunity to choose something creative, productive, and educational to pass the time. They can choose between a documentary on Netflix, a book of (just about) any type, or some crafting/creating time. More and … [Read more...]

Homeschool: Why We Do Just One Subject Per Day


We've started doing things a little differently here at Sanderson Homeschool. We pick one subject for all kids and do 3-5 days' worth of work in just one day. The next day, we do several days' worth of another subject. Next day, next subject. You get it. The kids have really taken to this method of schooling and while I realize it will be difficult to do this full time between ballet, homeschool group, library time, etc., I think that we work to make it happen as often as possible. Why we … [Read more...]

Antique School Books


Last week my dad brought me a couple of books that have been in the family a few years. A few years as in...well, this one was used by my great-great grandmother when it was new. Check out that date. Here's her signature. Dad and I really enjoyed looking through the (brittle, delicate!) books and seeing her handwriting and notes. The content of the book was a lot of fun to browse through, as well. In fact, it might just come in handy for homeschool. Then there was … [Read more...]

Homeschool: Using Your Local University Library


When it's time to order curriculum and reference books, every homeschooling parent on the planet cringes. It can cost a small fortune for just one child. When you have several children,'d better make the most of all resources available to you. Every homeschooling family I've encountered knows to make good use of public libraries. When you depend heavily on that, you start to find your library's limits. You start to wish you had a Hogwarts-style library at your disposal. Since we … [Read more...]

“Can I Use a Calculator?” — Homeschool Math


He sits with his pencil in one hand and his furrowed brow in the other. There's no glimmer in his eye; I see only desperation. In front of him, there's a math problem that he could have solved last year but today looks foreign to him. He looks up at me. "Can I use a calculator?" I hesitate. This time it's my brow furrowing as I internally wrestle with myself. He's clearly not retaining what he studied last year. Where have I gone wrong? If I let him use a calculator, is he really going … [Read more...]