Linoleum is my new friend


You know, these days linoleum is just not considered one of the more desirable flooring options available to homeowners. I think what pops into most peoples' heads when they think of linoleum is the 'avocado green' or 'harvest gold' they remember from their grandmother's kitchen. However, I like to think that linoleum is making a comeback. My reasoning: it's green. Linoleum is environmentally friendly and that makes me happy. Turns out, the stuff is made from all natural products like … [Read more...]

Today’s green things


Today is a bit of a rainy, dreary day, so with the exception of a couple of errands I just ran, I'll be getting things done around the house today. I thought I'd share the little things I'm doing along the way that help make an average day's activities a little greener.... I'm about to sit down and serge some cloth baby wipes. For months after I began cloth diapering, I just never switched over to cloth wipes. I thought that disposable ones were easier and just never went past that. … [Read more...]

Diapers on the line


I love line-drying our diapers. There's something seeing them hanging out there that makes me feel very peaceful. It feels good to know my clothes dryer isn't eating up energy. It feels good to admire our beautiful collection of diapers. And it feels good to know that I'm not filling up garbage bags with disposable ones. Do you line dry your diapers or clothes when the weather permits? I know some people dry in their garage or have other types of line drying systems set up. I would love … [Read more...]