The State of My Garden


Some of you will remember that this spring, I decided to attempt container gardening rather than planting my usual backyard garden.  I just wanted to follow up on that and let you know how things are going. I've had a lot of losses.  Many of my herbs were lost to our use of the pots while they were in our sun room on chilly nights.  Onions and radishes died after failed transplantation. a complete oversight on my part, I failed to put drainage holes in our new … [Read more...]

Container Gardening Part One


I've never dabbled in container gardening,  most likely because I have plenty of room to have an in-ground garden.  This season, though, I decided to try this gardening method that's been around for many years but is new for me.  I'm going to share my progress and my methods along the way.  Not because I know what I'm doing, but so that you can learn from my mistakes and successes. Our family dedicated yesterday to dirt.  We gathered supplies at the store and headed home to begin.  Shayne … [Read more...]

My garden is planted!


Thanks to my gnomes, I was finally able to get my seeds in the ground today. It's really a late start for a garden here in North Texas, but I chose the veggies that were more likely to survive my tardiness. Before too long, we'll have squash, green beans, black-eyed peas, cucumbers, okra and peppers. Oh yeah...tomatoes, too. Small tomatoes--grape ones and yellow pear ones. I'm looking sooo forward to my ooey gooey cheesey squash, fried okra, stuffed peppers and fresh, crisp beans. Oh, … [Read more...]



Yep. Gnomes. Our next door neighbors are a very sweet and wonderful couple. They are kind, fascinating, hard working people that I have tons of respect for. It's a great thing to have good neighbors, you know it? We have lots of them. Mainly retired widows and retired lesbian couples. But this particular non-lesbian couple have a love for gnomes. They collect them. There are gnomes of all shapes, sizes and expressions both in their home and in their yard. Ceramic ones, plastic ones, … [Read more...]

A day in the country

Today the kids and I went out to my Mom's house in the country. She bought some cattle yesterday and the kids love seeing the baby calves, so we headed out to check out the newbies. The babies were precious. There was one little white one who, while he was nursing, stuck his tail straight up in the air and hooked the very tip of it over in the shape of a candy cane. When he would get really excited, he'd flick it back and forth really fast. I love how exciting babies of all kinds get about … [Read more...]