Milk Paint Giveaway Winner…


So, here we go! I'm back and I've got a winner! But first, can I ask you guys a favor? It includes the photos of the red coffee table that I promised. However, I didn't get my side tables done. I'll be sure and post photos of those as soon as I can. So, here's the coffee table after I took the doors off and sanded it a tad. Being as Abbie-like as you can imagine, I forgot to take photos before I began prepping it. Are you surprised? Uh-huh, that's what I thought. So an in-process, crooked … [Read more...]

Adventures in Milk Paint….Part2


Welcome back! It's time for the second installment of Adventures in Milk Paint and I gotta tell ya...this one is full of success and ends in an opportunity to win supplies for a milk paint project of your own. That's right!  A giveway full of goodness. Aw yeah. Let's see. Where shall we start? First, if you haven't already, skim through Part 1 and get caught up. So, we left off with my dresser stripped of its first milk paint makeover and waiting patiently for another … [Read more...]

The Little Box of Knitted Gifts *WINNER*


I recently asked you lovely readers about your plans for Christmas shopping and I was so thrilled to see how many of you are focusing your crafty efforts on giving handmade gifts this year.  I love you guys for that! When I came across The Little Box of Knitted Gifts today, I just knew that I had to give it away to some lucky Green Wife reader!  It's just perfect for my knitting readers looking for fun, quick things to knit up for the lucky people on their lists. It's a cute little box … [Read more...]

*WINNER* Little ‘green’guys….another giveaway!


I recently learned of a fun little device called a Poken.  It's a USB gadget that stores your social media and contact information.  When you meet someone else with a Poken, you simply touch them together and they pass along your info while retrieving the other person's info.  For example, I stored my Green Wife URL, my phone number, my email, Facebook, and Twitter.  When I meet other moms, new interesting people at conferences, or just want to get updated info from a friend, I simply 'high … [Read more...]

The Tooth Fairy got creative last night!


It seems that in honor of the loss of Alex's fourth tooth, the Tooth Fairy decided to forego the conventional bit of cash she normally leaves for him and surprise him with a toy! She left a Clone Trooper action figure from the new line of Star Wars Clone Wars toys. For those of you that know Alex, you can imagine his sheer joy when he discovered it this morning. For those of you that don't, just know that this kid LOVES Star Wars. Loves it mucho! Here's my kiddo with his front 4 teeth all … [Read more...]