Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide has overtaken vinegar as my go-to cleaning agent around my home.  Don't get me wrong, I still love and use my spray bottle of vinegar frequently, but peroxide makes me feel like my house is so very germ-free!  It's such a wonderful cleanser, bleaching agent and antiseptic that I find myself reaching for it all kinds of reasons. Everyone knows that peroxide is a naturally occurring substance, but do you know where it actually comes from?  I wasn't sure, so I consulted … [Read more...]

Ironing boards are funny.


Today I decided to do start doing video tutorials and such and realized that if I'm going to do this, I need to replace my old, ugly ironing board cover. So I took myself to the store and as I explored the options on the ironing board aisle, I suddenly remember Brian Regan's stand-up bit about them. I ran home, new cover in hand, and searched youtube.com to find the skit and share it with you guys. What I found was a couple of guys who reenacted it and I got the giggles! Enjoy! If … [Read more...]

Cheap, green ways to deskunk your life….

(those of you joining us from DoodleBunz, "HELLO!") And by deskunk, I literally mean how to get the skunk smell out if one of your pets (or god forbid, YOU) have tangoed with one of these smelly critters....its actually pretty simple, you just need 4 ingredients. White vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water. If your carpet or couch are affected, I recommend a steam-type cleaner, I used a "Little Green Machine," made by Bissell. For carpeting (or upholstery, I'm guessing), … [Read more...]

The power of baking soda!


This past weekend, Shayne and I moved the kids into separate bedrooms and during the rearranging process, I discovered this very ugly stain on the carpet: It's a mystery in substance and in shape. The kids aren't allowed to have food or drink in their rooms, so I'm really not sure what it could have been. The shape is quite interesting though, don't you think? Not your standard roundish blob of a stain. Anyway, I came into the kitchen and poured myself a delicious glass of baking … [Read more...]

How to be green in the kitchen


Green wives often want to prepare their families food, whether it be mainstream, vegan or even just a snack, but aren’t sure how to “green up” their kitchens without going too far out of their way. There are several products that make being green in the kitchen a lot more convenient. Using a dishwasher is a popular convenience that many enjoy. How in the world can this be a little greener? First, make sure you run the washer only with a full load of dishes. Take a moment one day and figure … [Read more...]