Double Giveaway *winners chosen*


As a homeschooling parent of a child who is both sensitive to bright light and has the need to fidget in order to focus, I've spoken to many teachers, parents, and therapists about how common these issues are and what we can do to help our children thrive. It seems there are many, many, many of us looking for easy, affordable solutions. For all types of quirks and disorders, there little tricks and items so simple that you wouldn't think of them as anything beyond games and toys....until … [Read more...]

WINNER!! Giveaway! 4-pack of Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizzas


We have a winner! David S., you were the lucky winner with entry #116! Keep an eye on your inbox and room in your stomach. Congratulations!   How about another awesome giveaway to celebrate TGW's new look?? That's what I thought. Let's get to it.... The last time Shayne and I were in the Chicago area, we arrived late in the day. It was dark and just about everything in Evanston was closed. We threw our bags in the hotel room and were heading downstairs to grab a cab to … [Read more...]

Try your hand at hand lettering


In the last two or three weeks, I've been playing around with hand lettering. I mean, it's all the rage, right? It's everywhere you look and it's only gaining popularity along with typography. Most artsy-craftsy fads come and go and by the time they've run their course, we're sick and tired of it (puff-painted sweatshirts, anyone?). Good riddance, right?! However, I feel like hand lettering is an art that deserves all the time it can get. It's one that has been around for ages. We've all … [Read more...]

Milk Paint Giveaway Winner…


So, here we go! I'm back and I've got a winner! But first, can I ask you guys a favor? It includes the photos of the red coffee table that I promised. However, I didn't get my side tables done. I'll be sure and post photos of those as soon as I can. So, here's the coffee table after I took the doors off and sanded it a tad. Being as Abbie-like as you can imagine, I forgot to take photos before I began prepping it. Are you surprised? Uh-huh, that's what I thought. So an in-process, crooked … [Read more...]

Adventures in Milk Paint….Part2


Welcome back! It's time for the second installment of Adventures in Milk Paint and I gotta tell ya...this one is full of success and ends in an opportunity to win supplies for a milk paint project of your own. That's right!  A giveway full of goodness. Aw yeah. Let's see. Where shall we start? First, if you haven't already, skim through Part 1 and get caught up. So, we left off with my dresser stripped of its first milk paint makeover and waiting patiently for another … [Read more...]