Dear Parents of Little Ones, It Doesn’t Get Easier


I'd pace in circles for hours on end trying desperately to sooth my colicky baby, and I'd comfort myself, too, by telling myself that this time would pass quickly. I'd tell myself that in just a few years, she'd be independent and happy. That the hard part of parenting would be over. As I'd change blown-out diapers at 2am with eyes barely cracked open, I'd tell myself that this exhausting phase of parenting would end before I knew it and life would be smooth sailing. When my toddlers would … [Read more...]

Antique School Books


Last week my dad brought me a couple of books that have been in the family a few years. A few years as in...well, this one was used by my great-great grandmother when it was new. Check out that date. Here's her signature. Dad and I really enjoyed looking through the (brittle, delicate!) books and seeing her handwriting and notes. The content of the book was a lot of fun to browse through, as well. In fact, it might just come in handy for homeschool. Then there was … [Read more...]

Just a Few Colorado Photos


I am a bad, bad blogger. Forgive me. Or don't. It's cool. Two months after our Colorado trip, I finally dumped the photos onto my computer. I've barely begun to sort and edit all the ones I love, but who really wants to see 300 vacation pictures, right? Keep in mind 3 things when looking at these. I'm very, very rusty with photography and editing. One of my lenses took a fatal fall. The other lens I had with me quit autofocusing the day after we got to CO, so I had to get used to … [Read more...]

News on Release of Minecraft for Xbox One!


Oh my goodness. We got the Xbox One for Christmas last year and from that day forward, my kids have been stalking IGN, Twitter, all kinds of forums, an the sweet guys at our favorite GameStop location for any hint at a release date for Minecraft. It's been a long wait and finally there is news! This morning, 4J Studios tweeted this: The Xbox One version will be released on "an unspecified date" in August. Joy! The wait is almost over! As a parent, I will state right now that after … [Read more...]

Dreamy Photos of Elliott


Since big brother is camera-shy again these days, Elliott has had to be such a trooper while I snap photo after photo of her. I made her this dress a month or two ago with the intention of doing kind of a dreamy-feeling little photo session with her.  It's been hanging in her closet ever since.  Until today. The dress is simply a variation of my halter top tutorial.  I used leftover quilt squares from when I made her rag quilt and pieced together the skirt.  Then I added folded layers of … [Read more...]