Queen Bean Sphynx Sweater


In the many months since my last blog post, we have gained a new family member. She’s a beautiful Sphynx that we were fortunate enough to adopt from a pet rescue in the Fort Worth area. Many people cringe at the sight of a hairless cat and even say cruel things, but MAN, if you’ve ever been loved by a Sphynx you know how special these kitties are. They’re not quite like other cats. They crave the affection of humans and want to snuggle 24/7. They’re intelligent, loving, curious, and they never really outgrow their kitten-like playfulness.

Because of their hairlessness, they’re cold-natured creatures and need clothes, blankets, heating pads, etc., to keep them comfy and healthy.  However, there’s not a huge market for cat clothes so finding some that don’t look ridiculous and actually keep the cat warm is pretty tough.

What’s a girl to do besides write a knitting pattern, right? I got to work and wrote a pattern for a simple, ribbed sweater for Queen Bean. Because it was my first time to actually write out a pattern, I had my friend Emily test-knit it for me. The result was fantastic and my kitty has never been happier or more comfortable in any of her other clothes.

sphynx sweater knitting pattern 1

So, about the pattern:

This is a very simple pattern and quick project. If you can knit, purl, k2tog, p2tog, and knit in the round, you’re all set. You can make this larger or smaller pretty easily. Just cast on a multiple of 4 and decrease accordingly.  I do suggest using Malabrigo worsted. I love this yarn anyway because of it’s affordability and softness. Queen Bean certainly approves!

You can find the pattern on Ravelry or you can download the PDF right here: Queen Bean Sphynx Sweater Pattern

Happy knitting!



  1. Abbie says

    Very cute sweater on a gorgeous little creature. My sphynx Farrah, a lilac point, will look wonderful in this. I love making her sweaters! Thanks for the pattern!

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