Milk Paint Giveaway Winner…

So, here we go! I’m back and I’ve got a winner! But first, can I ask you guys a favor? It includes the photos of the red coffee table that I promised. However, I didn’t get my side tables done. I’ll be sure and post photos of those as soon as I can.

So, here’s the coffee table after I took the doors off and sanded it a tad. Being as Abbie-like as you can imagine, I forgot to take photos before I began prepping it. Are you surprised? Uh-huh, that’s what I thought. So an in-process, crooked picture is what you get.

So there!



It’s that table. The one that it seems everyone had in their homes at some point. In fact, some of you mentioned on Facebook that you currently have it in your home. It’s a staple of our generation, I’d say.

I won’t give you the step-by-step this time, but here’s the gist of it:

I lightly sanded it.

I mixed a 1:1 ratio of Extra-Bond and Salem Red milk paint from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company.

I painted the larger surfaces with a 3″ foam roller and the smaller parts with various sizes of foam brushes.

I beat it up with a putty knife and sandpaper.

Once you guys help me decide on something, I’ll give it 2-3 coats of Clear Coat and then wax it with some Daddy Vans Beeswax and Lavender Furniture Polish.

And that will be that.

So, here she is in all her Salem Red glory!



I kept the distressing fairly light.




And, without distressing the doors, I put them back on.



And this is where I need your help.

Doors or no doors…that is the question.


If I went doorless, I would patch screw holes and remove those two magnets, and touch up the paint on the inside back wall (the lighting in these pics made me notice a couple of spots I didn’t do well), of course. Maybe even add some narrow trim over those edges (where you currently see screw holes). What do you think of that?



See, here’s the deal. I’m having some hardware issues. Several of the screws broke off in the wood and some of the holes are stripped. It’s going to require more time, effort and supplies, but it can be fixed, for sure.

However, before I go to all that trouble, let’s think about the possibilities here.

With doors, it can be used for storage (hide clutter, right?) and stays truer to the original design.

Without doors, it could be used to store/display favorite books. Or, according to my kitty, you could a pretty pet bed and create the perfect kitty hideout.

Really, it’s just preference. I need to know what your opinions are on the matter since I’m having commitment issues.





Or no doors?


Editing to add: I’m considering/planning to sell this piece. If I decide to keep it, I’ll probably leave the doors off and use it as a Lego table for the kids. That way, we can easily slide tubs of Legos in and out of there. :)

Comment below and let me know what you’d do. Pretty please?

OH…right. The winner. How could I forget? 😉

I simply used to choose a number and it was….



Congratulations, Vicki! You lucky dog, you! Just send me an email and Anne and I will get you taken care of!

Now, for those of you that scrolled down to see if you won without reading (Oh, come on! It’s cool! We’re all guilty of it sometimes!), please scroll back up and then comment? I need your help, yo!


Let’s all say thanks to Anne at The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company for her kindness, generosity and knowledge. She’s been so wonderful and I, for one, am a customer for life. I hope you’ll all take a look around their incredibly informative website and use their product at some point. You won’t regret it…but if you’re just nutty enough to do that, guess what!  They have a “Love it or it’s free” 100% guarantee. Yeah, they’re that great!

Thanks for sticking with me through this, everyone. You are all so appreciated!





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  1. says

    lol, I think you can add me to the list of people who had that table in their house growing up.

    I say Doors On!

    The doors have a nice look to them, plus, it gives you a place to ‘hide’ some items when people are coming over and you want to straighten up the living room.

  2. Kristi says

    I say…no doors. Cuz looking at them reminds me too much of the original piece. Actually–it’s nothing against the doors–it’s the hardware on the door surfaces. If you could change or eliminate those, I think I would like the doors more! Too many pieces of furniture made during that time had that same hardware, and I can’t get past them!

  3. Marcy says

    I vote doors off. I have seen lots of people use baskets/tubs underneath for storage. And I agree about the hardware. The piece looks great!

  4. Teri Davis says

    I like the doors on. Bummer that I didn’t win though! I have a dresser sitting in the entry hall that is waiting for me to do something to it.

  5. says

    No doors! There are so many pretty book/basket/kitty bed options that it’ll be a truly unique piece without them! :) If the buyer (or you) wanted, you could EASILY whip up a “curtain door” sort of thing…something that slides back and forth to hide the clutter, but looks pretty even if its open. :) Doors don’t have that option. Its closed, or closed. :)

  6. Vicki Ostermann says

    Yay!!!! I’m so excited to be the winner!!! I can’t wait to try this out myself! I vote doors off, it adds something interesting to a very familiar piece. I really love the idea of using it for a Lego table!

  7. Cathy Matlock says

    I love the color and I like it with the doors but I can also see it with a nice storage basket lined with a pretty fabric.
    Good job!

  8. Sandi Maxwell says

    No doors, the hardware gets me also. another idea would be to remove that backing to have it all open, then baskets!! Love your ideas!!

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