Won’t you help me choose?

TOMS Shoes

I need TOMS.  I need some now.   We’re headed to San Francisco and Chicago in a couple of weeks and TOMS would be great for all the walking, airporting and such.

Conveniently, they have a Mother’s Day code for $5 off of any item and I’m totally taking advantage of that.  Code = MOTHERS and expires 5/16/10.

Problem is….I’m seriously one of the most indecisive people I’ve ever met.  Can you meet yourself?  I don’t know, but I’ll ponder on that later.

Back to the shoes.

I’m torn between the fun-and-funky side of me and the I-only-wear-black-shirts-and-jeans-and-black-shoes side of me.

Won’t you help me choose?

I’ve been eyeballing the Seaport Vegan Classics for awhile and I’m strongly leaning toward them.  I think they’ll go with just about anything, right?

And these!  Oh, how I love these Baobab Sunset Classics!  Two issues, though:  They’re out of stock until May.  And they wouldn’t match as many things.

And then, of course, the Black Canvas Classics.  Practical. Black. Practical.  Classic.  Practical.

So.  Whatcha think?  Which ones and why? Vote via comment and make this decision for me.  Pleasey cheesey?

And..out of curiosity…have you met yourself?

11 Responses to “Won’t you help me choose?”

  1. I LOVE the 2nd pair but since they are out of stock, go with the first ones!!!

  2. I just shopped for TOMs shoes! I very much don’t like the first ones. They’re way to 80′s for me! I love the 2nd pair, the ones I actually purchased are that same color without the tree. Check around, I bet you can find that color shoe without the tree in stock, if you like that color. I dig it, it actually does go with quite a bit, especially with jeans. The jeans break up the orange, I wouldn’t want to match it exactly. I wear a lot of blue and I think it goes just fine! The black ones will go wiht a lot but they’re kinda Keds-ish for me. I say #2 or the red/orange one without the tree.

  3. I vote for the first pair. They would go great with jeans & a black t-shirt, but are still sorta funky!

  4. Seaport Vegan, for sure. The sunset classics are my fave but the out of stock thing is problematic

  5. I love these shoes, but I’d really need to try a pair on. :)

  6. Seaport Vegan, they have black and color, and they’re in stock.

  7. Definitely the Seaport Vegans. Cute, cute, and cute!

  8. Chrystyna Johnson Reply Apr 18, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    Go with #1. They’re in stock, they have black in them so they’ll match your stuff, and they’re not solid black. The solid black Toms do absolutely nothing for me. I really like the Baobab’s, but the brown tree would totally throw me since I wear so much black. Black and brown together cause a lot of issues in my head. haha!

  9. buy 2 pairs – first and last! I love the middle pair but the out of stock problem get me anxious!