I tried something new this week…and I want you to have it. *Winner added*

I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned my knitting group on here but for almost a year now, I’ve been meeting once a week with a small group of knitting gurus.  In that almost-year, they’ve gone from being ‘my knitting girls’ to ‘the girls’.  I love them.  Dearly. They’re fun, they’re creative…..and they’re kooky.  I couldn’t love them more.

Each week we gather in the evening after kids are tucked in bed and we knit.  We share our stories from the week, our frustrations in life, we discuss movies and tv shows, we knit, and we laugh.  A lot.

This week, we decided to try something a little bit different.  We thought that we would try our hands at dying our own yarn.  I used my crock pot and they brought over their big stock pots.  Using Wilton food coloring as our dye and a splash of vinegar, we set to work.  Unfortunately, both of my camera batteries were dead so my photo documentation of the evening is sorely missed.

The next morning, I hung my dripping wet yarn on the line and admired my handiwork.

I’m not normally a fan of such light colors, but I think that this colorway is just lovely if I do say so myself.  And in case you’re curious which Wilton colors I used to achieve this combo…I used black and a teeny bit of violet.  See, when I added the black color, it immediately separated into a gorgeous blue and purple blend, but the purple was a tad light for my taste.  I mixed up a little violet and poured it in 3 spots.  Turned out kinda nice, don’t you think?  I think I’ll name it….um….wow.  I’m not cut out to name yarns.  It makes me think of the sky just before a really good spring storm, though.  “Calm Before The Storm” or um….”Bruised Sky” or….yeah, I’m not so clever this morning. Forgive me.

Problem is, I’m uninspired in my knitting at the moment.  I’m still a very slow knitter and I seem to find less and less time on my hands as each day passes.  So, what I want to do with this yarn is pass it on to one of you guys.  Whether you knit or crochet or just want to use it for kid crafts, I want it to find a loving home.

You know what that means!  It’s time for a giveaway.

To enter: Leave a single comment telling me either what the yarn should be named or how you feel about spring storms.  See, I love them.  A lot.  I’ve always secretly wanted to be storm chaser.  But…back to the giveaway….

Leave your comment before 12 pm CST on Monday, March 15 and I’ll randomly select a winner soon after.

If you want an extra entry or two, link to this page on Twitter and/or Facebook and leave a separate comment linking to each one.

Thank you and good luck!

A little info on the yarn:  I know very little about dying yarn.  This was more experimental than anything, so I cannot promise perfection.  I can only promise that it’s yarn.  220 yards of100% Peruvian Wool dyed in a crock pot using Wilton food coloring and vinegar.  No scary chemicals.  Hand wash separately  in cool water and hang  to dry.

WINNER:  Congratulations, Leigh!  Email me and I’ll get the yarn to you.

As far as the name, you guys had some awesome suggestions!  I think I’ll go with Impending Storm for this batch, but might just use the other names for inspiration for other colors as I keep dying. Thank you all!

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  1. Prairie R says

    Spring storms really are the best. I love the promise of flowers and singing birds and buzzing bees after those first spring storms.

    As for a name for it, I think “Impending Storm” suits it. It has the blue sky, and those dark clouds that look almost purple when they’re heavy with rain.

  2. Jon says

    I love spring storms too. We plan on building a house and facing our living room windows to catch the best view of incoming storms.

    that color makes me think of tidal pools so maybe you could name it something oceany

  3. Shanyn says

    I think it should be named Blue Raspberry! I think it is really cool. If I win it, I want to make some gift bags using the pattern from the book that I won from you!

  4. says

    Oooh, I second the vote for Impending Storm. Gorgeous! I have always loved storms, moreso after having lived in So Cal for 8 years and hearing a grand total of 3 thunderclaps the entire time.

  5. Makita says

    Totally unoriginal, but the only thing I could think of for the name was “Sully’s Smile”. Only because the two colors combined made me think of Monster’s Inc. And Sully, was a beautiful blue and violet color. Of course, I did just watch Monster Inc for the millionth time today, lol.

  6. Misty says

    That is some beautiful yarn!! I would call it twisted tornado :) The colors remind me of the beautiful that can streak across the sky before a storm.

  7. says

    I would call it Sunset after the Storm. It reminds me of the gorgeous sunset we had Monday night! You did an amazing job and I know that yarn will be so pretty knitted up! I’m crossing fingers, since it’d be fun to knit something for my little Firecracker baby due this summer!

  8. Cora says

    I like “calm before the storm”, I love storms, too. In the serene stillness just before the sky lights up and a gale takes over, thats when I feel connected to nature and excited for what it can do. Which is strange considering how deadly it can be, but makes us feel so alive.

  9. Christy says

    While I love a good spring storm and the yarn definitely has that look…I think the yarn looks like my beloved irises from my grandmother’s own yard…so I’d name it Blooming Iris.

  10. says

    Kokomo Passion

    Reminds me of a sunset on the beach. Plus, the colors remind me of a passion flower, which bloom around Easter.

    Anyway, I love spring showers at dusk or just before dawn. They give me optimal sleep and are so calming. Plus, they make all of the colors of the land gorgeous! (just like this yarn!)

  11. Chris says

    Great colors for your first time dying yarn! You should name it Serendipity. That sounds calm and peaceful.

  12. MissKristin says

    Soo pretty!! I think it should be called Purple Rain. I have seen thunder storms in the Sierra Nevadas that make rain look purple from a distance.. breathtaking!

  13. Leigh says

    Before Dawn It’s the colors that first peak before the sun actually rises Only then does the sky achieve these colors. Sunsets are streaked with oranges and reds whereas sunrise is full of pinks blues and purples.

  14. says

    I love spring storms because they give The Fabric Floozie’s husband more business! P

    But really, I don’t mind them… I kind of like the thunder and lightening. I’d like them more if we had an emergency alert system, but we’re outside of city limits, so we don’t get one!

    I think that the skein should be called Sunset but I think you ought to do more skeins with the same theme and have a collection called Hues of the Horizon!

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