One Day Without Shoes *Winner announced*

TOMS Shoes

Think about your daily routine. Think about how many steps you take in a day. Around your house. Out to your car. Walking to your mailbox. Across the grocery store parking lot. Up the stairs. Across the lawn to your neighbor’s house. Down the sidewalk. Around school and through the office. Through the rain, rocks, mud, snow and stickers.

No big deal,right?

Now imagine doing that barefoot. Every day. All the time.

Walking barefoot for miles just for food and water.

Imagine being denied an education simply because you have no shoes on your feet.

Now imagine a man who started a shoe company specifically to give away shoes. His name is Blake and he started TOMS. For every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, TOMS provides one pair of shoes to a child in need. One for one.

Brilliant, right?

Now, what if each of us took one day of our lives to go barefoot in order to spread the message?

And what if a really great company like Threadless had a shirt design challenge for A Day Without Shoes? Wouldn’t that help raise awareness? Talk about a conversation starter.

So, what I’m asking you guys to do is:

  • Spread the word by telling two friends about TOMS today. Then ask them to tell two friends.
  • Plan to participate in One Day Without Shoes.
  • Dig deep in your creative mind and enter the Threadless design contest.
  • Get some TOMS shoes for your family and, in turn, shoe another family.

And what am I going to do for you?

I am going to give away a $50 E-gift card to one lucky Green Wife reader.

To enter:

Leave one comment sharing a link–or links– to your favorite pair(s) of TOMS.

Leave a comment linking me to where you’ve shared this giveaway on Facebook.

Leave a comment linking me to where you’re shared this giveaway on Twitter.

Rules: No more than 3 entries per person and only one of each type of entry listed above per person. I will stop accepting entries at 12pm Central time on Friday, February 19, 2010 and will announce a randomly chosen winner shortly after.

**WINNER** Im so sorry for the delay! I’m at WordCamp Miami and I’m getting caught up in all the awesome presentations! So…on to the winner…

Congratulations, ToyousJoyous! Email me at and we’ll get you all set up with your gift card!

Thank you all for entering and I hope you all participate in One Day Without Shoes on April 8!

48 Responses to “One Day Without Shoes *Winner announced*”

  1. I think my favorite pair are these! They’re cool, and I’ve got nothing like it so far!

    I’ve fb’d it on my personal page, which you can see, but not anyone other than my 500+ friends, lol…..

    Tweeted here!!

    VERY cool giveaway!

  2. I looked and looked and although I like a lot of different colors, I kept coming back to the black ones because, well, I always go with black.

  3. Here’s my Twitter link:

    Is it okay that I don’t have any followers? I’m so antisocial when it comes to Twitter.


    These are my favorite pair so far!! Ive got nine pair though :0)


  5. These are my favorite, so much so that I actually bought a pair and have a blog review about them in the works.

  6. tweeted here:

    These are my fav for me. I totally plan on buying a pair for me and each of the kids when I have the funds. The pink peace signs are all Lydia!

  8. I am gonna get these for Alissa Hopefully, I can win the gift card and get me a pair also.

    I shared it on FB!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1489568261

  9. I am practical and plain…can you guess which ones I picked before clicking on the link. Will post to FB and Twitter when I get on a computer where I can access them.

  10. Well – I linked you on my facebook status…also left you a comment about it. :) This is an awesome cause. How do you find these things?!

    I’m liking these:

  11. My very first pair of TOMS, which has led to many more. Comfy, cute, go with everything, and good for others!

  12. I shared this on facebook as well, but have a private page. Feel free to friend me!!/ElisaVH?ref=profile

  13. Love these boots!

    I also like these. It says the youth are sized large and to order a size down, so I could get a 6!

  14. Black sparklies! That’s what my girls call shoes like this. I’d have to say these are my favorite because I could wear them just about anywhere during fall and winter, including work.

    (I guess this is how I link it to FB? A simple cut and paste of URL?)


    Third entry! Fingers crossed.

  17. my very first tweet for you ;)

    p.s. im lovin your blog! esp the dryer lint one so far, think im going to make some of those for my pop!

  18. I did share on Twitter — not sure if this would be right link you would want to see though….But you follow me anyway — so I am guessing you will see that I did post it there. LOL

    I really want some of those shoes. I am no longer able to wear backless shoes where I teach. So I have been looking for the right kind of shoe that I can wear that will look OK with capris and skirts. ALL of my current spring/summer shoes are backless. These TOMS will be a perfect addition to my shoe collection. Well — even if I don’t win — I will still buy some. Thanks for finding these for me.

  19. i love these red/purple striped ones

  20. and my facebook link.
    great giveaway btw, abbie