Linoleum is my new friend

You know, these days linoleum is just not considered one of the more desirable flooring options available to homeowners. I think what pops into most peoples’ heads when they think of linoleum is the ‘avocado green’ or ‘harvest gold’ they remember from their grandmother’s kitchen.

However, I like to think that linoleum is making a comeback. My reasoning: it’s green. Linoleum is environmentally friendly and that makes me happy.

Turns out, the stuff is made from all natural products like linseed oil (hence the ‘lin’oleum name), wood flour, cork flour, etc. Therefore, it’s totally biodegradable and won’t leave nasty toxins in our soil once it’s in the landfills.

See, in our last house, we had lovely looking ceramic tile. It was very appealing, but I depised cleaning it. The grout just gave me the heebie-jeebies because I felt like it was a bacteria trap. I couldn’t clean the glazed tile with vinegar because the vinegar would eat through the glaze, causing the the tile to become more porous and open to dirt and germs. I didn’t like trying to clean with toxic products, so the cleaning process was very unpleasant for me.

I hope that the practicality and the Earth-friendliness of linoleum will help it make a comeback in homes everywhere.

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  1. Deah =) says

    I miss my linoleum kitchen floor!!!! I have in in the bathrooms and laundry and looove it, but I have wood in the kitchen (not un-green, of course, but a pain to keep clean and always getting scratches, even with the no shoes and no toys rule!). My mom just re-did her foyer with what I thought was ceramic tile…I was shocked when she confessed it was more linoleum…it’s GORGEOUS!

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