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DIY Minecraft Creeper Pop-Up Puppet Tutorial

After several years of the kids playing Minecraft, the love for Creepers is still strong in our house. When I was browsing through some vintage craft books, I saw a pop-up puppet tutorial and instantly thought, "Hey, the kids would love it if these … [Read More...]


Finally! A Brownie Recipe That I Love!

I'm 37 years old. I've been baking solo for about 30 years....since I could pull a barstool up to the counter and get permission to use the oven. Baking is my thing. I could bake all the live-long day. Cookies, pies, cakes of all … [Read More...]


Shoo Rayner — A Great Homeschool Art Teacher

Shoo Rayner has no idea who I am. This is not a promotional post. I'm just sharing one way we do homeschool art lessons for free. Mr. Rayner, if you happen upon this post, well....hello and thank you for your wonderful videos! When I give my kids … [Read More...]